The brand name “Black Panther” is no coincidence. We identify ourselves with the qualities of a Black Panther. Like it, our team too is well trained for the Absolute perfection, precision, performance & quality, strength & power to combat challenges and focused service.

Absolute engineering company was known as a prime export company within a few years of export. As we dealt with earthmoving & heavy-duty, commercial vehicles, trucks, cars, farm tractors, two-wheelers,

three-wheelers, marine, industrial, agricultural, and Domestic equipment and much more into the Engineering domain. Black Panther might sound a little different from the norm, but we believe in perfection, delivering precision and strength and power from within. 

All the products of Black Panther are produced in strict compliance with the engine-manufacturer regulation standards, with the same consistency in the full high definition, latest tech trends, competitive pricing, and package protection. 

The products are highly durable, which give out long-term high process outcomes. The prime objective of Black Panther is to provide value for money products with minimal maintenance down the line.

The prime qualities of Black Panther are collaborating with our excellent quality and exceptional services.